Hospital Management Announces Babies

Hospital management announced babies born there with extra body parts. The news was also confirmed by the doctors and the management staff as well when they released the pictures of such babies. Some of the babies were born with unusual conditions. The recent news was also surprising when the picture of a baby was shared.

Hospital staff was pretty much sure that it was the fact and there was no rumor in the picture of a baby with three eyes. Earlier the news was viral on the social media that a baby was born in Israel with single eye and world had started to predict the birth of Dajjal. The recent pictures was also shared of a baby with extra body parts.

The eyes of the baby got the attention when the baby was reported to have three eyes that meant an extra eye. The picture that was released of a baby with three eyes did not belong to recent incident rather the baby had turned into a boy of aged 6 or  7 years. The boy had been seen wearing glasses on the three eyes.

Hospital was the place where unusual incidents have been happening. And nobody could blame the negligence of the doctors.

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