Horrible Incident Takes Place at California Beach Resort

A lady dancing at California beach resort was not able to get out of way of the sea waves. Massive sea waves on California beach took the dancing lady inside deep water and she was not able to come out of water. The beach rescue units were unable to find her and news was spread on TV all around America.

The drowned lady was part of a tourists group which had come to California beach resort from a European country. She was living in a beach resort along with her friends and family. On the day of incident, she was bathing on the beach along with her kids and husband on the California beach. All other friends were left at the hotel room and were saddened on the news.

Video Link: http://paktelegraph.com/F4g7g

The Beach resort administration helped the family to shorten their vocations in America and fly back to their home country. A few family members from another city in America also came to the hotel near California beach to offer condolences.

The Administration in America also offered all kinds of assistance to the family until the body of lady was found from water in California beach. The beach resort tourists were also in the state of shock and had cancelled all the activities.

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