Horrible Hailstorm Hits Siberian Beach Near Hotel Siberia Iebc

The weather conditions changed instantly near Hotel Siberia Iebc when a horrible hailstorm hit Siberian beach on good pleasant day. The relaxing mood of the women, men and kids turned into screaming all around as the whole beach was hit with heavy hailstones which had the size of golf balls. Most of the beaches are found with locals and tourists relaxing on the beautiful shinny days on the beaches but not on that day.

People at Hotel Siberia Iebc had to rush to safer places under the umbrellas and trees to avoid that hailstorm with heavy hailstones pouring down. It might have been a rare incident that occurred at any beach. Luckily everyone managed to escape to the safer places. Siberian freezing weather was probably known to everyone but no one had any idea of how a relaxing place could become a hurting place.

Video Link: http://paktelegraph.com/?p=172

In very short span of time the people there needed to cover their bodies with blankets which were seen barely covered before heavy hailstones started to hit their bodies with great force. According to religious people it was due to the punishment given by the God since the people had started to uncover their bodies.

The visuals of the incident at Hotel Siberia Iebc were captured by many locals and tourists present there. After watching the whole video one could get the idea of taking precautionary stuff with them while going to the places which do not have the consistent weather conditions. They may need to check with the local weather forecast before going to beaches to relax themselves otherwise they may face the effects of the weather.

The video of the hailstorm near Hotel Siberia Iebc was uploaded by the several local people. This showed that the hailstorm was so horrible that people were screaming as they were hit very hard by the hailstones. The seashore of Siberian beach was giving the idea as if lots of stones were thrown there. Some of the witnesses told that people covering their bodies got escaped while others got severe injuries.

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