Hippo Scares Crocodile in Water Hole Fight

Hippo scared the crocodile in the water hole fight when both the creatures of the animal planet tried to make their meal but in the end both did not get any reward. That fight in the water hole was fought between the mammal and the reptile for the sake of meal but they both were able to eat some other species in the animal planet.

Hippo went in the water hole to fight with the crocodile alone since it thought the reptile to be alone but it got shocked when there lots of crocodiles present in the water hole. The fight looked one sided and everybody thought the mammal to be the meal of the crocodile but the result turned out to be in favor of the both creatures of animal planet.

Since them both wanted to eat each other but they could not do so and instead they were able to eat some other species of animal planet likes of birds and unicorns. The short video clip was recorded by some of the staff member of the news channel whose purpose was to record short documentary on the animal planet.

The hippo has fought many fights with the crocodile but this fight resulted in no loss as both were able to rescue themselves from each other’s attack. During the whole fight in the water hole of the animal planet other birds and unicorns happened to come there to drink some water. Unluckily they got the victims of both the creatures of the animal planet.

Hippo tried to be very calm while fighting with the crocodile that pretended to be the nicest animal of the animal planet. As the mammal came closer to eat and attack the crocodile it pretended to be lifeless so that the mammal could think it to be the dead. Both species of the animal planet managed to be at the safest end.

Crocodile Fights With Hippo

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