Hippo Fights Crocodile in Water Hole

Hippo fought with the crocodile in the water hole and in the meantime they both captured some other species too. Both have been the dangerous creatures of animal planet and have been fighting with each other for quite long time. The crocodile has been the most deadly reptile while the other mammal has also been seen eating small animals.

Hippo looked very strong and short but it has been fighting with great courage and never let the crocodile overcome on it. Both creatures have been seen fighting with many other animals of animal planet and so many videos have been recorded by the people from the animal planet news channel. The Staff of the news channel has been given task to make short documentary on animal planet.

The video of that fight was recorded by one of the camera man who was also part of the crew of the news channel. It went viral on the social media as it was the most horrible fight between the reptile and the mammal. It was watched so many times on the social media and people have really liked it.

Hippo had the strongest of the physique in the fight and the crocodile along with its family members tried their best to make the mammal their meal but their attempt could not bring any rich dividends to the reptile. People might have seen other video of the animals of the animal planet but they must have not watched such deadly fight.

The fight of hippo with the crocodile did not bring any victory to both of the creatures but they both were able to catch other animals of the animal planet in the form of birds and unicorns that had come in the water hole to drink.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/?p=1208

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