Hindus Beat Muslim Guy for Eating Beaf

Hindus beat Muslim boy till death when they said that he was eating cow meat that has been animal in their religion. The incident happened in India and the poor guy never knew that his act might cause him losing his life. Hindus have been treating people badly who have been following Islam since they have considered only their religion.

That Muslim boy was caught by some Hindus near the river and they started to beat him badly for eating cow meat. They also had tied him up with the ropes and beat him till death. The poor boy kept on asking them to release him but they did not listen to him and threw him in the river. Nobody came forward to help him out as he was alone there with the Hindus.

The incident was really shocking for the whole people all over the world as this was against the Human rights. Some Hindus had denied the allegation and said that no such incident had taken place in India but the story was shown on the private news channel. The reporter had also gone to the victim’s house to have some knowledge about from the family members.

Every Muslim all over the world condemned the incident that happened in India and asked for NGOs and Human right activists to raise their voices for the rights of people and asked Hindus to stop those sorts of violation.

Muslim people have been getting bad treatment in their daily routine life from the Hindus since they have been claiming themselves to be innocent. The news channel also showed the real footage of the victim who was beaten badly by the Hindus. In that video everybody could see how pathetic the young boy who was thrown in the river was.

Muslim Boy Gets Beaten by Hindus

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