Hindu Girl Embraces Islam in Public

An amazing atmosphere was created when a Hindu girl wanted to embrace Islam publicly in India during a lecture given by the famous Islamic scholar Dr. Zakir Naik. It was something very wonderful for all the people who were present there and was amazing incident for people from other religions as well who had come there to listen to Indian Scholar’s address.

The popular Islamic Scholar did not only help Hindu girl in embracing Islam but also suggested a Muslim name for her. According to the different studies carried out by researchers, it is predicted that by the end of 2050, this religion will be on first in the world, since it has been the most popular and fastest growing religion in the world at the moment.

You might have seen lots of moments when people converting to Islam these days. India, which comes on top along with United States, is also the country where Muslim population is in high numbers. Many Hindus especially Hindu girls have embraced Islam inspiring from different religious scholars. An example of such conversion was found when Dr. Zakir Naik was giving address.

The meeting including people from different religions likes of Hindus, Christians and Muslims created amazing atmosphere at the hall and when a Hindu girl whose name was Shaveta Agarwal studying in B.Sc came up during question session and told that she wanted to convert to Islam. She told that she had been practicing fasts and offering prayers for two years.

Shaveta Agarwal, who later embraced Islam, asked renowned Islamic Scholar Dr. Zakir Naik to suggest a Muslim name for her as well. She said that she would confess in front of that huge crowd of embracing Islam. Well known scholar of comparative religions was very happy to make her recite Islamic verses and also suggested a name as Ayesha for the girl. On this occasion of her embracing Islam, the whole hall was full of voice of Allah o Akbar.

Hindu Girl Embracing Islam

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