Hindu Girl Converts to Islam

An interesting incident had happened during a lecture when Hindu girl converted to Islam where the very famous Islamic Scholar Dr. Zakir Naik was addressing to a gathering in India; the girl named Shaveta Agarwal (previously) wanted to convert to Islam from her religion of Hinduism. It turned out to be a very proud moment for all the people including Muslims who were also present there.

In India, the population of Muslims is in high numbers compared to the Muslims living in Pakistan. During the routine lectures of the famous Indian Islamic scholar Dr. Zakir Naik, a Hindu girl by her own will stood and asked the scholar to make  her convert to Islam from her religion Hinduism.  She said that she was a student of BSc.

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The girl had been practicing it from the past two years by offering prayers and fasting. Atmosphere was very amazing as the whole hall was buzzing with the words of Allah o Akbar. Then Islamic Scholar Dr. Zakir Naik walked up to the mic and applauded her wish. Then the Scholar queried if she had any pressure from any other person for converting her religion to Islam

The Hindu girl told that she was willing to convert to Islam by her own wish. Dr. Zakir then made her repeat the verses of Kalma Tayyiba. The Hindu girl also wished to have a Muslim name for her suggested by the scholar. Ayesha was the name which Dr. Zakir Naik suggested to her. Shaveta Agarwal then further on asked him to pray for her so that she could keep this religion in her heart till she has life.

After converting Islam the Hindu girl was very happy. The conversion of Islam from Hinduism of that Hindu girl is not the first or unique thing. Other people from other religions are also getting impressed by Islam which shows the reason of this religion growing very fast in the world at the moment. Islam will be the one third of the total population in the next thirty to forty years.

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