Hijab Girl Treats French President for Banning Hijab

Lady treats French President by sprinkling powder on him as a way of protesting for banning the Hijab in the country of France. The issue was raised long ago in the assembly by the citizens of the country who were passing resolution for banning the basic human rights of the Muslim people living in France. The news was so embarrassing for him that he left the stage immediately.

French President has been asking the assembly to pass resolution against the Hijab that has been worn by the Muslim ladies of the world all around the globe. All the Muslim people along with the ladies have been protesting against the rights of them since they have felt quite secured after wearing the Hijab thing.

The incident took place in France when their head of the country wanted to start the speech to the National assembly. All the media channels were there to broadcast the speech live in the whole country. Many international channels were also there to record the footage so that they could publish in their news papers as well.

Arrival of French President was overwhelming by the security guys and the people who were present in the national assembly. As he stepped on to the stage and Muslim girl wearing Hijab came on the stage where the head of the department was standing in front of the dice. She surprised everyone by sprinkling the powder on the face of him as a way of taking away her rights of wearing Hijab. She wanted to protest against the ban for which the resolution was to be passed.

French President was surprised at the act of Muslim lady wearing Hijab. She was captured by the security guys who were hired to take care of the head of the country. All the ladies had been protesting in the favor of wearing Hijab in the colleges and the universities since it has been their right of living in any society to cover up their whole body which was not liked by the country of France.

French President Gets Treated for Banning Hijab

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