Height of Illiteracy Gets Shown by Fake Peer

Fake peer was seen doing shameful act with the woman who was supposed to be obsessed by the evil spirits. The video of the immoral incident was recorded by the people who were present there. People who have watched the video said that it was all due to the illiteracy by the women who have been going to such people for treatment of their diseases.

Fake peer started to hit the woman with his hands and doing shameful acts despite of the fact that the woman was not in her senses. Many other women were also present there to witness such pathetic act with the lady who was in bad condition and was not feeling well. Her family members had brought her to that man who was supposed to give treatment to her for her diseases.

Such people have been fooling the women all around the world where the illiteracy rate has been low and people did not know that such people did not know anything except of fooling the nation. This has been the real shame for the people who have been raisin their voice for the women rights.

Fake peer was supposed to treat her for her disease and instead of treating her he started to beat her by saying that it was his procedure of getting the evil spirit out of the body of the woman. So many people have become angry after watching such video and they have reported the incident to the police station. People who have great knowledge said that that illiteracy rated has to be increased.

Video of fake peer beating and hitting hard woman to the ground was shared by the private news channel who could not believe that how women have been getting treated by such illiterate people who have been just fooling people.

Video Link: http://paktelegraph.com/?p=1197

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