Hairdresser Cum Magician Surprises the World

You might have seen barber or hairdresser who are very popular due to their fine art of cutting hair. It is very popular profession in this part of the world. In the posh areas these hairdressers charge quite a lot for their profession but in the rural areas they do not get earn that much. Though they may be of the same caliber as far as the expertise is concerned.

You do not find as different techniques in this profession usually. The hairdresser use one scissor at a time for the hair cutting but you would be shocked to know that a man named Sadiq who lives in Lahore, possesses use as much as eleven scissors at a time during hair cutting. He has earned a lot of fame due to his unique technique of hair cutting and making unique hairstyles.

From different parts of neighboring cities travel to him for unique hairstyle as well after hearing of his unique hair cutting technique. When you see him cutting hair with his eleven scissors in his hands, at first sight people start thinking of him being a magician.

Sadiq is also very well known hairdresser among the celebrities likes of cricketers , film actors etc. also come there to get their hair cut. He doesn’t only have unique cutting style but also he is very up-to-date as far as different hair styles are concerned.

He wishes to make his mark in Guinness book of world record. Currently the man who holds the record for hair cutting with as many scissors, belongs to Israel. Hairdresser from Israel got his name registered in Guinness book of world record by using ten scissors for hair cutting.

Sadiq has asked government to make some arrangements for coordination with Guinness’ book of world record so he could make him and country’s name registered in world record as he claims to be the number one hairdresser.

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Amazing Hairdresser Using Amazing Techniques

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