Hailstorm Takes Place at Siberian Beach

A severe hailstorm took place at Siberian beach having the hailstones of the size of golf balls at daylight when the sun was shining brightly. Siberia is probably known for its freezing weather and snow forests, but one of its popular beaches had the warmest of the days with 37 degrees of temperature and weather forecast department had never announced warning of the sudden cloudburst.

A horrible hailstorm took place with firing hailstones and grey clouds with thunders. It looked to be a perfect day for the tourists to go out and have fun on the one of the famous beaches of Siberia. Tourists might have thought of it to be the perfect day as usual on any seashore of the other parts of the world.

Their experience of taking sunbath on Siberian beach turned out to be the worst of their lives. At the start of the day tourists gathered on the seashore with their usual dresses. Women were clad in their short dresses so as men to take a sunbath. They all were really enjoying the weather by taking sun bath.

After some time the sunshine started to disappear and in a short time thunderous grey clouds covered the sunshine. In no time hailstorm started to take place. All the tourists with their kids started to rush towards under the umbrellas and on to the safer places as the weather conditions got worst.

One of the tourists filmed that hailstorm which was the weirdest storm ever took place on any beach. After some time, as tourists were rushing, hailstones as the size of golf balls started to come down. The hailstones were coming down so hard that it looked as if it was punishment from Almighty God. So many tourists got severe injuries due to getting hit by hailstones.

Horrible Hailstorm Hitting People at Siberian Beach

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