Golden Eagle Video Goes To Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa

Golden Eagle Video Goes To Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa. Golden Eagle attacked a big snake in the park when it just came down to hunt the reptile for its meal. This animal fighting the snake was a rare fight where the bird had really control over the reptile. People might have witnessed many fights juts like that but on all those occasions the bird might have not had the upper hand.

This eagle from Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa seemed to have attacked the snake when it did not expect such a fight from a bird. This fight of the reptile and the bird did not last long and the bird in the end came up making snake its meal for the day. This animal fight was seen by many people who were present in the park. They all watched the whole fight with great amazement. The cheap flights and cheap rates of apartments during beach destination were see in apartments, resort and honeymoon destination.

It was a nice sunny day in the park of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa where people were really enjoying their holiday. Right at that moment one of the guys sitting on the grass pointed out something in the direction of the tree. All of his friends who were also busy in gossiping started to look in the same direction. They all got amazed after seeing a golden eagle jumped over a big snake near the tree.

The eagle had his strong grip on the snake and never let the snake been able to rescue itself from the grip of the sharp eyed bird. It was something very surprising for the people present there in the park. One of guy took his mobile phone out of his pocket and started to capture this fight of an animal and a bird. Resorts, Apartments, honeymoon destination, beach destination using cheap flights were seen.

The eagle caught the tail of the snake in Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa with its paws and attacked the mouth of the snake with its beak. The snake tried its best to get rid of the strangle hold of golden bird but it never happened and gave up. The bird made its meal of the day.

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