Golden Eagle Lifts the Toddler

A golden eagle grabbed the toddler when he was in the park with his father. There have been many incidents where toddlers were found doing funny stuff. But it was a surprising incident when that cruel bird belonged to animal planet grabbed a toddler from the ground. Father of that kid was handling his luggage and did not have any idea that this sort of incident could have happened. But luckily that toddler was too heavy to be lifted at much height.

A flying golden eagle coming from a wildlife lowered its flight to grab the toddler from the ground. It took no time to come down near to that toddler and grabbed him. It happened when a man with his kid went to the park for kind of recreation. He was taking some stuff out from the bag for his toddler while the kid was lying on the ground at some distance to his left.

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The father wasn’t aware of the fact that his toddler has been grabbed by a bird that lived in wildlife. One of his friends was shooting the video of this incident though he also did not know the intentions of it. The father considered him and his toddler lucky enough as that species of animal planet could not lift the toddler to enough height due to his weight.

Although the eagle grabbed it, lifted it to some feet above the ground and flew a yard’s distance but then lost the grip. The toddler fell down of its paws from some feet above the ground. The father noticed when his friend shouted. The toddler did not even cry the time it was being grabbed and lifted by the bird since he did not have any idea of what was happening to him.

Eagle was very sharp but was not sharp enough. Father and his friend started running towards it who grabbed the toddler with its paws. The video showed that how the toddler fell down on the ground of wild bird’s paws which lost the grip due to the weight of the toddler. Then the father had the chance to actually lift his kid from the ground and thanked God for his life.

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