Gold Jeweler Gets his Jewelry robbed by Clever Lady

The jewelry of a Gold jeweler was stolen from his shop cleverly by the young and smart lady. The female girl tuned out to be the partner of two other men who robbed the shopkeeper despite of the fact that the CCTV camera was installed in his shop and all the video of the incident was recorded by the camera. The owner of the gold ornaments shop never had any idea until he saw the video.

The jewelry was very expansive as it was made of gold and the shop keeper had to bear the loss of such heavy amount in no time. The video of this incident of robbing the gold necklace went viral on the social media and on the electronic media as well. The most shocking part of that theft was the place where the lady hid the necklace.

The two men with the female girl kept on asking the shop keeper to show them the latest design of gold ornaments. The shopkeeper was alone and had to deal with all three people of thieves. He kept on showing them the necklaces made of gold and the so called customers kept on demanding for the other ones.

Gold jewelry was pulled by the man sitting alongside the female partner, which she hid in her inner garments in a very short time that the owner of the gold shop could not take any notice of their cheap and shameful act. The lady looked so innocent that nobody could blame her for stealing the necklace but the CCTV camera revealed the shocking video of that lady when she kept of hiding the gold ornaments in her inner garments.

Act of stealing of jewelry form the gold jeweler did not take any long time for that clever lady to hide in her private clothes. Nobody believed that an innocent girl could do such shameful act by hiding that stolen gold ornament in her inner garments.

Clever Lady Steals Jewelry

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