Gold Jeweler Gets Deserved Treatment

Women all over the world have the tendency to visit gold jeweler before wedding events. Their favorite things have been clothes and jewelry. Most fascinating jewelry for them which they always wish for plan to buy is made of gold. Some of the gold jewelers get impressed by the beauty of women and forget to take care of their jewelry counters.

The jewelry shops usually remain open till late at night as their sale is mostly done after the noon. CCTV cameras have been the part of these shops. Many incidents have been captured by these cameras as lots of bad people have deceived the shopkeepers, mostly by the women who have been hired by the people whose profession is to loot the shopkeepers.

On weddings the grooms’ family gives ornaments which consist of necklace, ear rings and bangles made of gold to the bride and from brides’ family grooms usually get wrist watches and rings etc. Since these ornaments are very costly so jewelers of the jewelry shops have to be very careful while selling them. Mostly women tend to buy these from the famous markets.

CCTV camera places in a jewelry shop captured a same kind of incident where a lady came to buy some ear rings. Men tend to attract to the beautiful ladies, the shopkeeper of that particular shop also got attracted to the beautiful lady who involved him in her lovely talks. After choosing some ear rings she asked the man to pack that thing for her.

While the gold jeweler was busy in placing the sample of the ornament in the other counter of the jewelry shop which the lady chose to buy, the lady stole the gold necklace from the counter. She put that ornament in her bag and asked the guy for the payment of the ear rings which was packed. The jeweler received reasonable amount from the lady but that lady cost him great loss for stealing the gold necklace.

Jeweler Shop Incident

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