Girl Overreacts in Hotel Room

A girl overreacted in hotel room when her boyfriend did something disgusting with her. The boyfriend of that lady made a plan with his friend to fool his girl friend. They both wanted to make fun of that girl friend of the one guy. The lady never knew it what they both had planned for her. The video of that strange reaction of the girl was so emotional that she almost got started to faint.

The hotel room was selected to do that strange thing with the girl friend of one guy. They both decided to record that incident through their hidden camera in the hotel. Boyfriend of that lady was also scared of the lady to be angry if the incident went wrong still he agreed to make this plan happen in the reality.

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Sandy was the name of the guy whose girlfriend was to be surprised by the strange activity. Sandy along with his friend Vikas planned to take the girl in the hotel and Sandy’s friend was supposed to send him text message on his mobile phone. Sandy’s friend pretended to be another girlfriend of him by sending him text message showing they had fun last night.

Sandy booked hotel room and took his girlfriend in the room where they had placed hidden camera. The video could be seen where he knowingly left his mobile phone on the bed and went in the washroom. In the meantime Sandy’s friend sent a text messages on his mobile phone by pretending another girl friend of him.

His girlfriend in the hotel room took the mobile phone of Sandy and started to read the text message. The hidden camera was recording the incident. The lady was shocked to read the text message which inquired about the last night fun with his boyfriend. The girl Sandy out and started to hit and got really angry. She kept on asking about the text message of his another girlfriend. Exactly when she was overreacting, Sandy called his friend and they revealed the incident to be planned one.

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