Girl Gets Snatched in the Elevator

The management of Malaysian hotel never noticed that girl got snatched in the elevator of their hotel before. That hotel was supposed to be the busiest hotel of the country and had earned quite a good reputation in providing their customers the best of the services likes of luxurious rooms, well furnished elevators and cooperative staff.

A young man who looked very decent stepped in that hotel’s elevator and found a single girl present there. As he was the only person present there along with the lady so it gave him the chance to take advantage of the situation. The female lady had a purse hanging in her hand that got the attention of the snatcher.

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The management of the hotel had placed the CCTV cameras in all lifts and the rooms for the safety of the hotel. In fact they were quite successful in providing this regard. The incident of the purse snatching that took place in one of the lift was recorded by the CCTV camera too but the snatcher was very clever who did not stay there long enough to be recognized.

The incident took place in the afternoon when there were few people using the elevator and the young lady happened to be the victim of the snatcher. She did not even look at that person when he entered the lift and pressed the lift’s button to go to one of the upper floor after the lady was supposed to go. The boy kicked the female lady out of the lift when she stepped out of it at her desired floor.

The snatcher held his one hand on to her purse and snatched it from her hand and immediately closed to the lift. The girl tried her best to open the door but failed to take her bag back which had some cash money and important documents. The boy then just went down to ground floor and left elevator after getting succeeded in snatching the purse from a young lady.

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