Girl Gets Punishment by Allah for Misbehaving Quran

A beautiful girl got punished by Allah for misbehaving with the Quran. Muslims never did such a bad thing as it is the most Sacred thing for them in this world and He has mentioned everything for the guidance for life. Such incidents have happened in the past as well in the overseas countries. A latest incident came to public notice when she tried to burn the Quran.

Allah had punished her with the same stuff which she was using for the purpose of disrespecting it. There were many people standing there in the ground when this incident took place. All got to know the consequences for having such misbehaving attitude towards the Holy Book. But still some of them did not understand.

A beautiful message has been given in a short video documentary. The purpose of making such video is that to show the real punishment which has been told by the Creator of this universe for misbehaving with Quran. In the documentary it was shown that a beautiful lady misbehaved and insulted with the Quran and then later in her life something weird happened to her.

Allah has depicted the same lesson for such insulting attitude. That lady started to feel pain in her belly that turned to be stinking one. Her belly started to get bigger. When her husband entered the room he saw his wife in trouble and stinking badly. But instead of taking her to hospital, he got out of the room and left her alone with the pain.

A Muslim woman who respected Allah and Quran found that lady on the way back to her home. The Muslim woman took that lady who insulted Quran, to her house. After reaching home the Non-Muslim’s face was getting red and becoming very ugly with continues pain in her belly. The Muslim woman could not do anything for her convenience but asked that lady to seek apology from God. The lady could not get enough time to apologize for ill deeds and insulting attitude towards Muslim and Quran and left this earth.

Girl Gets Punishment

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