Girl Fights with Snatcher in Elevator in China

A girl in China fought with the snatcher in the elevator when she was alone with him in the lift. The man entered the lift when the lady was alone at that place. The lady has been going in that mall before but this sort of incident never happened. For the security purpose CCTV cameras had been placed at all places in that mall.

China has been the safe place but this was the rare incident that happened in that lift with the girl who had bag behind her back. The girl was present in the elevator when she was alone while at the same time a suspicious man also entered in that lift. It looked to be the usual day that was going on in that mall.

As the man entered in the lift and the door was closed, the lady who looked to be a smart girl pressed the button to go to her desired floor. The man was standing right behind her so she could not get any idea of the guy for doing such shameful act. The incident was being recorded by the CCTV camera. As the elevator reached the desired floor, the man did something suspicious.

Such incident in China was never happened before. The girl wanted to step outside and moved forward. Right at the same time the man who was standing behind her pulled her back and tried to snatch her bag from the lady. The man was in shock when the girl responded back and started to kick the man very hard. The lady seemed to have learnt the art of defending herself and took her revenge. She dragged the man down and never let the man to stand up on his feet.

In China, on the other side the man wanted to get rid of her attack, but the lady was sharp enough and never let the man get out of the elevator. She kept on hitting him hard and made that guy to feel pity. The shameful act of man turned into interesting scenario when the lady started hitting him back hard.

Shameful Act with Girl in Elevator in China

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