Giant Whale Attacks Sailing Boat

Sailing boat got attacked by a giant whale in the big ocean. The men were extremely lucky to escape and save their lives. It was the weirdest day for the boaters as it has never happened in their lives before. They were quite shocked by the shark. The boaters had been coming in this ocean before and never had seen such big giant whale. It did not gave them enough time to jump from the boat timely and got injured.

The Boaters with small sailing boat had planned to go in the deep ocean to have some day out and catch some fishes there. They have been to this ocean before on the weekends and caught many small fishes for the meal. But that has to be the history now since they have experienced something very amazing which almost feared them. The sailing in the ocean at daylight became nightmare for them.

It was a pleasant day on a weekend in the ocean of Australia. The boaters decided to go out for catching the fishes. They have had good work on the weather forecast before going in the ocean. It was supposed to be a cool and shiny day in the winter season and they had put together all the needed stuff in case unexpected weather change.

When the sailing boat got in the big ocean it was quite calm and cool breeze was blowing. There were three boaters and they had packed all the needed stuff for catching the fishes as well. They did not see any big fish likes of sharks and big giant whales before in this ocean. So they were quite hopeful this time they do not find any one this time too.

The time Sailing boat got in the middle of the ocean, the boaters could not believe as they saw a giant whale coming towards their boat. It was looking as big as twice of their boat. But they all kept their nerves cool and shouted to each other to be ready for a quick response. As the shark came close and jumped on to their boat they all dived in the ocean and whale had to go back void handed. Then all the boaters got back in their boat.

What Attacking Sailing Boat

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