Giant Whale Appears at Karachi Beach

A giant whale appeared at Karachi beach the other day when the fisherman was out in the sea for the fishing purpose. It was the biggest animal ever found at Karachi beach. All the people gathered there to see this amazing giant animal. Fisherman went to catch the fishes in the sea at near Karachi beach. Suddenly he was shocked when he saw a body of giant animal in the sea.

The whale was not alive otherwise might have hurt that fisherman and his other friends who were also in the sea for fishing as it was their profession. They said that they have been fishing near this beach in the sea and never ever had seen such a big animal in the sea. The news of this giant fish went viral in the area and people started to come from different areas to see this amazing creature.

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There were lots of people and fishermen who had reached there to witness this large giant type fish. Nobody could believe that how come it had come in that sea because in the history of Karachi this type of fish had not been seen by any of the fisherman.

The whale was so big that all the fishermen could not take it out from the sea. They decided to call the officials and then after the arrival of some officials of the department, who were supposed to look after sea, arrived. Couples of cranes were brought in as they could not take that heavy fish out of the water by their hands.

With the help of the cranes, they all managed to take it out of the sea. People took snaps of giant Whale and some of them had stood on it since it was dead. Everybody was surprised to see that huge sea animal. Probably it was said that this was the biggest of the fish ever found in the sea of Karachi.

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