Giant Snake Swallows Lady Trainer

Giant snake swallowed the lady trainer in a stunt show that was supposed to be shown by the lady trainer. The Show was organized at a place where many people had come to see the show. The huge reptile was trained by the lady trainer and she had spent too much time before going for the real stunt. Many people were recording the video of the incident.

Huge snake stunned everyone present there when it attacked the lady trainer who was in front of it at the time of the attack. The stunt went wrong as the lady went too close to the reptile which it did not like it and captured the legs of the female trainer.

The incident was very shocking for the crow that was present there to witness the incident and the show. The stunt show was organized by the management of the show that has organized many times such stunt shows by inviting that lady trainer who was very adapt with the training and skills. She had done many stunts in the past and entertained the people.

The hungry snake swallowed the lady trainer like it was swallowing any animal and never let the lady trainer to get away with it and could not rescue her. It took not time to swallow the whole lady in such short time that the rescue team could not reach at that place to save the lady trainer who was there to show the stunt show.

Snake was brought from the wild life where it was kept there for many days. The lady trainer spent quite some time with the reptile and had a good training with the reptile before the stunt show.

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