Giant Snake Eaten by Golden Eagle

A golden eagle ate a giant snake easily when it was moving along the tree planted in a park. The sharp eyed bird spotted the snake from quite some height. Luckily the snake was present alone in the park and no one could interrupt the bird from making the snake its meal of the day.

The eagle saw it while it was flying in the air and suddenly lowered its flight. It reached near the tree that was planted in a park. Nobody was present near the snake at that moment when the bird jumped over the body of the snake and started to have full control over its movement. The snake tried hard to rescue itself but it just could get succeeded.

This animal fight was a rare one as this incident did not happen in the forest instead this fight was seen by many people present in the park who had come there to enjoy their weekend with their kids. One of the guys used his phone to capture this amazing fight between a bird and an animal. The fight between both of them could not last long.

The golden eagle looked very sharp in its movement and never let the snake escape from its control. All the people present there were quite amazed at this deadly fight. They all watched it from a distance as they feared that the snake could flee from the situation and might attack them or hurt them. They kept on watching it till the bird had the snake as its meal.

The eagle and snake are the two classes of animals and birds whose fights have been quite popular on the animal planet and people loved to watch this animal fight. The video of this animal fight went viral and it was also seen on the discovery channel.

Golden Eagle Eats Snake

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