Giant Shark Attacks on Military Helicopter

US military helicopter was attacked by a giant shark but the pilot and the man who was in trouble, were lucky enough to leave the African ocean in time to save their lives. The incident took place in the middle of the water and the huge shark tried hard to catch them for its meal. This was the most dreadful incident in the life of both the military men.

Military helicopter was sent to the African ocean to rescue some of their men in trouble and they needed some help right in the middle of the water. They were battling with the cold water and never thought of any attack of a huge shark until a rescue team came in there. As the ladder was dropped from the door of the air machine, a sudden attack of huge shark was seen.

All the US military men present there got really confused by the appearance of that animal which was not reported by the department of the ocean. For many years, nobody had ever seen any whale or huge shark in the African ocean and it was meant to be a safe place for the ships and the fishermen. The US military man had to come there to save some of the men present in the drowning ship.

Although the military helicopter was already landed near the beach of the African ocean yet it had reached in no time to save one of their US military men who needed the help badly. As it reached near the man in trouble, he latched on to the ladder that had been dropped from the door. He hardly managed to climb up couple of steps.

A huge shark attacked the military helicopter at the same time when the man was hanging on the ladder. Both the pilot and the man on the ladder were in a shock after watching that huge shark coming out of the water. They both were quite lucky to save their lives.

Shark vs Helicopter! Unbelievable Moments

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