Giant Sea Creature Shocks the People

Horrible sea creature shocked the people all over the world when it this creature was found in the sea by the fisherman. Firstly no one realized it to be unknown creature as they all thought that it probably looked like a giant shark that ever lived 1.5 million year ago. Their perception was rejected when the experts carried out an analysis.

It was declared as unknown sea creature and its measurements were also carried out. The time it was seen in the sea by the fisherman, he called his other fellow men that were present in the sea too. All the fishermen were surprised and shocked at the same moment. No one wanted to take it out from the sea as they thought that the giant shark could be alive.

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After they all realized it to be a dead one whether it was a shark or some unknown species, they all called the officials for the help to bring the latest cranes. Required machinery and cranes were brought in and after some time it was taken out of the sea. The news of that shark like species went viral on social media, electronic media and print media as well.

Unknown sea creature’s analysis was carried out by the experts and they concluded that it wasn’t a giant shark or belonged to its family rather it was a different unknown species of the sea. Its weight calculated as to be 15.6 tons and its length was measured as 10.6 meters long. Then it was called as the heaviest and the biggest species of the sea ever found on this planet.

That sea creature was then taken to the science museum so that the experts could do more analysis on it and could find out the reason of its death. Since the discovery of this shocking heavy weight giant animal from the sea, all the fishermen got extra cautious about going in the deep sea. They all had a fear in their minds that there could be more sharks like unknown species in the sea.

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