Giant Anaconda Attacks Dutch Girl

A Dutch girl was attacked in a live TV show by a giant anaconda. A famous program’s recording was being shot where three other girls were also participating in the program in Netherlands. In that program these four girls were given a task of grabbing anaconda’s mouth with their hands. The task looked quite terrifying for all the girls.

All Dutch girls were quite nervous after seeing that giant anaconda in the box where they had to put their hands into and catch that animal with their hands. The only advantage that all the girls from Netherlands had was that the anaconda’s poison was taken out by the owner of the anaconda. All the other staff members of that reality TV show were also present there.

All the girls were given very difficult tasks during their live reality show but this was the real dangerous part of the program where they had to cop up with an animal which was known to be very dangerous. At the start of the task all the girls were reluctant to do that what was asked by the host of the reality show.

One of the Dutch girls decided to go for the catching of the anaconda with her hands. She gathered her all courage while her counterparts stayed away from that box which had poison less animal. This program was very famous in Netherlands because of its reality activities. The girl put her hand in the box and tried to catch the mouth of the anaconda.

The Dutch girl thought it might be an easy task for her as she was told that the anaconda was poison less but suddenly the anaconda attacked her hand and darted at her hand with her teeth. The dangerous animal did not only grip her hand with its mouth but also tied her arm with its whole body. The girl shouted and called for help. All the guys present there for help came up and rescued her.

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