Ghost Near Rawala Dam Scares Islamabad Public

The news of ghost appearance near Rawala Dam sacred public of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. According to few eye witnesses the scaring creature appeared at mid night but did not harm anyone of them. However, people of twin cities feared to travel in nights due to the paranormal activity near the dam and many of them asked the security agencies to look into the matter.

Few brave youngsters dared to visit the dam at mid night to record the paranormal activity in camera and they succeeded in their purpose. The creature recorded in the camera footage looked quite weird and rightly scary one. Therefore people who saw the ghost could not dare to walk around during nights. However majority of the public took it as prank or unlawful activity of few people.

Islamabad and Rawalpindi are not congested cities as compare to Lahore or Karachi and there are forests in these cities as well. So so many stories have been told by many citizens about paranormal activities and ghosts around forest and Rawala Dam. So it was obvious for people to scare and stop wondering during nights when they heard the news of weird creature. Interesting few of the police officers refused to go after the creature to check out whether it was fake or not.

It continued for many days because no one was ready to go around the area near Rawala Dam and public of Islamabad stopped wondering around the city during nights. Everyone seemed so scary once the news broke on media. Most of the people believe on paranormal activities and existence of ghost in the world there it becomes very hard sometimes to calm down the public.

However brave youngsters took the responsibility to check out the authenticity of the news and they went to Rawal Dam and found the creature. However later they found a man covering him with mask to scare the people for some unlawful activity and he did not want people to come there.

Ghost in Islamabad

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