Ghost in Islamabad Spreads Fear among Public

Story of real ghost wondering around Islamabad during nights spread fear among common public and they stopped going out on the roads at mid night. Few of the eye witnessed spread the news all over the city and they frightened the public with added spices in the story. Rawala Dam was the real place where the story of paranormal activity traveled until it reached twin cities.

The security officers refused to go there to check out the matter because they were afraid of it as well. So few of the youngsters made it their mission and reached on the spot. They kept camera with them to record the activity near Rawala Dam and they recorded weird creature wondering around there. The ghost like creature could not scare the boys at all.

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The adventures nature of the boys did not let them to run from the place and they kept waiting for the ghost to arrive. Once the creature arrived they started to capture the visuals of the incident and unveiled the reality behind the story. The feet of the creature looked quite weird and scary so as the face but later the boys found that it was mask. Any common man could be scared with such kind of get up in night which happened with the public.

The scary creature or ghost ran away when he saw so many boys at the place and escaped. However the visuals exposed the reality of the creature and people never saw him after that incident. He might be a criminal who wanted to scare public due to some unlawful activities near Rawala Dam.

The role of police and security agencies was very poor and pathetic because they refused to visit the place to check out the authenticity of the news. Few brave boys did the job for them and gave relief to public of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

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