Furious Tiger Eats in Zoo

A young but furious tiger attacked on villagers who were bystanders there. There have also been such cases previously reported too when these wild animals injured the residents of the nearby villages. But on this time only one bystander was unlucky to be injured himself and the rest were able to escape from furious animal.

It has been reported that the tiger had escaped from the wildlife territory near the city close to central India which has almost ninety thousand populations. The leopard had entered in the livestock enclosure in search of the food. The moment news reached to the villagers, they started to gather on the roofs of the houses to see the wild cat.

When the villagers were standing on the roofs to see the wild leopard, which was present in the livestock enclosure which had many buffaloes and cows to look out for a free mean. The leopard just jumped to the roof from the hole of that building. The incident was captured by some of the villagers’ cameras. The onlookers all looked panicked at that time.

Everybody was scattering as the tiger had got wild after watching so many people around him. The wild animal was running here and there to escape from there. It also jumped on to a villager that can be seen from the video clip as well. While the other scattered in different ways to avoid from the panther.

The furious tiger was able to go down in the streets while escaping from the villagers who in fact were also scared from it. After running for couple of minutes it just found a place to hide near the water tank where it just hided itself. The wildlife officials then said that they had caught the big cat quite safely and was taken to wildlife again where it belonged too.


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