Furious Tiger Attacks Back at the Tourists

Furious tiger attacked back at the hunters when they thought that it was down and not alive any more. The big cat surprised them by attacking back and almost injured them. These sorts of incidents have happened in the past many times that caused injuries to the tourists and the hunters in the forest. The video documentary has compiled videos that showed the same incidents happened so far.

The tiger is supposed to be the quickest animal of the forest and in fact is the most dangerous animal of the wild life. Many times it has been seen that this animal has entered the residential areas of human being and on some time it has caused injuries to the residents of that area near to the forest. Mostly leopards have been kept in the forest that has been far away from the residential areas.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/?p=850

This documentary of the compiled videos of the attacks of such furious leopards has become viral on the social media and many people had seen this documentary. In one incident this big cat was seen in the forest where the hunters happened to aim it. It was motionless and the hunters including their camera man thought it to be not anymore.

The motionless tiger shocked all the people in the forest who were there to make a video of it. The leopard hurried quickly towards the hunters and tried to jump on them who were ready to fire at it. The tourists were lucky enough that they managed to fire at it right at that time and it just went down some yards before them.

This sharp attack of tiger was not less than a shock to the tourists. When it was down on the ground they all went berserk and started to celebrate their victory. The most interesting thing about that incident was that they actually captured those moments in their camera.

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