Funny Moments of Politicians

Pakistani people can know the psyche of Pakistani politicians who just do not bother giving false or funny statements every now and then. Most of the Pakistani politicians are well known for their statements which they give for just to please the poor nation, who would trust them every time despite of the fact that whatever they are saying in media is to just divert the attention of the people from the particular event.

It has become quite insidious by Pakistani politicians in politics of Pakistan to give any statement about anything according to the situation of the Pakistani political circumstances though people know that they are lying. And this thing is not limited to any political party. You will find such politicians from every party who just give statements in the media but after giving such statements they take them back and do not even bother apologizing to the nation.

Educated class of Pakistani people do understand that the politicians are not the trustworthy people as before coming into power they keep on bragging in their election campaigns about their agendas. But when they come in the government and become ministers they just do not fulfill their promises.

Also there are some politicians from different political parties act in such a way in their statements that it would make you laugh on them. You do  not have to watch any funny videos for relaxing. Here we have such video clips of some politicians which would make you laugh. Some of them give statements just to please the nation though they know what they are telling  people could not be fulfilled.

Some of the politicians do not enough education and just become member of the parliament due to their resources with the party leaders. They do not even know how to speak in media in their own language.  One would definitely feel as if they are watch funny video clips of cartoons and not the video of Pakistani politicians.

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