Frog Like Baby Gets Born in Nepal

Nepal was the country where the strange birth caused so much panic in the city.  A baby was born that looked like a frog and was taken in the streets to show the world. People of that city took that strange baby in a bowl and went out in the streets. Thousands of people had gathered in that area to see the strange baby.

Residents of Nepal were really surprised at the birth since they never watched such kind of baby in their entire lives. The Doctors and the nurses were also surprised when they saw the baby after the birth in the hospital. The pictures were shared on the social media via the people who were present there at the spot. The looks of the baby resembled the frog.

Video was circulated on the you tube channel and other video websites shocked everybody since it showed that a baby was born with different shape. The baby resembeled a frog in appearance and the pictures that were shared were quite strange too. It showed that the baby looked like frog was shown to many people and it seemed like all the people started to enjoy that very moment. Nobody knew what really was the problem.

 Frog Like Baby

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