French Scientists Capture Live Mermaid

French scientist captured live mermaid and amazed everyone when they showed that mermaid in the display for the people of France. Everybody felt really shocked to see such a creature. This was not the first time they were experiencing such thing. In the past many people had said that they had seen such mermaid of water in France.

French Scientists this time captured the mermaid while they were informed that a mermaid was seen near the sea. Some tourists managed to capture the video in their mobile phone while they were hanging on the beach of France. They had told the officials of the sea department.

Since this news was quite surprising for the officials as well so they wanted to verify such interesting news so they went up to find the real mermaid as they had seen such creature only in the videos and movies. They never had the chance to witness such thing in the real life. When they had reached at the bank of the sea they all got shocked.

French scientists managed to capture the real mermaid themselves and they were quite happy at their achievement. They had also informed the ministry of France about the capturing of such creature who then asked them to have it in the display for the people. The news of this capturing of mermaid in the France went viral everywhere.

French scientists could not believe their luck and they also found some facts about the history of the real mermaid. The video of that real mermaid had been seen by many people in France and all over the world courtesy the social media and electronic media as well. People from all over the world were quite surprised by watching such mermaid live as it was captured by the people of France.


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