French President Gets Treatment for Banning Hijab

French President got the treatment for banning Hijab when a Muslim lady came to the stage and spread powder on his face while he was about to start his speech. The incident happened in the country of France when the Head of the country was to deliver speech to the nation about the security issue of the country.

French President asked for the National assembly to pass out the resolution to ban Hijab for the Muslim ladies in their country in order to secure their country since they fear the ladies to be harmful for them despite of the fact that they have been living peacefully. Muslim girls have been using Hijab in their universities and colleges as to protect themselves from the evils and for the sake of their religion.

Hijab has been the debate that was being going on in the assembly of the France despite Muslim ladies have been the most peaceful people in every country of the world but the world at large have been going against the Muslim people all around the world. In the name of security measures that was supposed to be taken by the officials of France, they wanted to make some sanctions on Muslim people.

French President was treated by a lady in Hijab when wanted to take revenge of embarrassing the ladies and their faith. All ladies and Muslim men protested against the resolution which has been totally against the basic human rights of the people of their own religion yet officials of France have been targeting the Muslims countries and people.

The video of French President getting sprinkled the powder by the Muslim lady went viral on the social media and people have supported the cause for not banning the Hijab as it has been their human rights for living the life.

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