France Train Incident Surprises Passengers

France Train Incident Surprises Passengers. Train hit the little girl who was crossing the lane along with her mother. The incident was so horrible that all the passengers standing there got scared. The video of the accident was recorded by the CCTV Cameras that were placed there for the security purpose. The accident was so horrible that it just damaged the whole legs of the little girl.

The France Train was traveling at its full speed since the driver did not notice about the passengers including the little girl and her mother who were trying to cross the lane and wanted to go towards the other side. All the passengers at the railway station went towards the family of little girls and her mother so that they both could get the first aid.

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Both the girl and her mother went towards the crossing lane so that they could cross it and go towards the other side of the lane at the railway station. They were supposed to get into the vehicle for the traveling purpose but they did not know that they might get hurt in the mean time. CCTV Cameras footage showed that the speed of the vehicle was so fast that the little girl did not get enough time to rescue herself.

Video of France train accident really shocked the whole world as they watched the CCTV Cameras footage that was uploaded on the social media. This incident took place in the rural area of the city where the first aid was very much difficult to be reached at that railway station.

The France train driver was also investigated for the incident by the police officer when the incident was reported on the social media. Police men also watched the CCTV Cameras footage on the social media and they said that it was not the fault of the driver but the mistake of the little girl who stepped forward just before the vehicle came near the railway station.

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