Foreign Media Spoils Youth

Foreign media has been spoiling youth by showing stuff that has been really damaging for the whole society and especially for the new generation including the children. Since the induction of cable TV, the new foreign channels have been reaching to every home. Female reporter made a documentary. These channels have been telecasting dramas and movies that have been damaging for the whole people in their nurturing.

The media has always played very vital role in the nurturing of people especially the kids who also have been going to schools and colleges. Women of today’s era have been working as housewives in most of the houses as they were supposed to take care of the household activities as shown by the news reporter. Along with other household activities they have been keen of watching movies and dramas on the cable TV.

Lots of people had criticized when the foreign movies were being telecasted and those were being watched very keenly by the females and the new young generation. They had vulgar songs and scenes making children copy their dialogues and the way of living in normal routine. Movies were watched in the early days using the DVDs in the past.

Bold foreign media has taken place of those movies through the DVDs in the shape of foreign channels. These dramas have been liked mostly by the housewives and the small children. Nobody could believe how their effects have been taking place in their daily routine life. A TV reporter mad a short video clip documentary regarding the foreign culture effect on new youth and the housewives.

Local medial of the Indian had started to influence the lives of small kids and the women of the new era. The female reporter showed terrible image of the society where the small kids of three years had started to learn the worship way of foreign countries including the neighboring countries.

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