Footage of Paris Attack in France Apartment

Footage of France incident when a female Activist went viral that was involved in the attack in Paris blew herself. The video was leaked by the news channel that has been working in Paris. The footage showed exclusively that the window of that apartment was tarnished by fire. The female activist was known to have worked for ISIS.

People of France told media that the girl was found of drinking. She never had any attention towards the religion. The female activist suddenly changed her life style just before the Paris attack incident. Reports revealed that she recently started to cover herself by using the Hijab thing. Female activist of Paris had not been in contact with anybody for the last six to eight months.

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The video of France attack went viral in the social media and people really had sympathies for the poor girls. Media told about that lady that she was named as Husna and the time security forces entered that apartment in chase of Master mind, she appeared to be in that room. Security forces wanted to go in that department where Husna was shouting for the help.

Security forces in France tried to take her out from that department where the Master mind of Paris attack was supposed to be there. Female activist shouted that she did not have any connection with the master mind and then blew herself. The whole apartment was destroyed which could be seen through that video.

Officials of France claimed that Husna was part of that organization that attacked the city of Paris where so many people lost their lives. The news of that female activist in Paris shocked everybody the time her relatives got to know that. Precautionary measurements have been taken in Paris to prevent that sort of incidents in the future.

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