Floating Stone Gets Watched Near Dan Boutique Jerusalem Hotel

Floating stone was seen near Dan Boutique Jerusalem Hotel when people wen towards the window of their . They saw it from the window when a stone looked like as if it was in the air without any supports. Some of the people heard the news when they had gone to take some time off with expense of .

Dan Boutique Jerusalem Hotel was built with some beautiful. along with holidays were also included with the package so that the customers could have the luxury of. The reality was revealed to the people when it was clearly seen that the stone was not in the air rather it had some support at the back of the stone.

Some people living in Dan Boutique Jerusalem Hotel related the stone to the Islamic News that the stone was in the air as the Almighty asked the stone to stay in the air. In the mean time the vacations were planned by the customer since they all wanted to go to some motels to relax themselves. The video of the stone was seen from the window.

Fake Stone

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