Fisherman Finds Horrible Sea Creature

 A Horrible sea creature was found by the fisherman the other day in the sea. It surprised everyone present there since no one ever saw this kind of creature in their lives. It was a usual day for the fishermen as they were supposed to catch fishes from the sea. They all were very professional in their field and knew exactly at what depth and how far they should have gone in the sea.

At first sea creature looked like a big shark that had big teeth, but when all the experts observed it then they all declared it rapidly as unknown species of the sea life. Most of the people from the fisherman family got scared by its giant physique but then they realized that the sea could have similar sorts of species in it.

The shark like species was of giant physique and its size and weight were measured and it was considered to be the biggest species of sea. Before the experts declared it to be the unknown species, they all thought it to be the largest shark of the world ever lived on this planet. The fisherman along with his fellow men had to call the officials to take it out of the sea.

Horrific sea creature had become the front line headings of all the newspapers and went viral on social media as well. There have been many incidents all over the world in the big sea that such shark like species were found. They all declared to be belonged to the shark family. But this was the unique sort of incident.

The sea creature was taken out from the sea with the help of cranes which were fetched by the officials of the sea department. It was not easy to take out this giant and heavy weight creature out of the sea with help of men.

Horrible Sear Creature found in Sea

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