Fisherman Finds Giant Whale at Karachi Beach

A giant whale was found by the fisherman in the sea near Karachi beach. It was quite surprising to see such a huge sea creature at the beach. In the history of Karachi, probably this was the biggest of the fish every seen on this beach. Everybody got surprised after watching this huge animal in the sea, many of them got scared as well.

The giant whale was not alive and it was said that it must have come from some other sea which was connected to Karachi Sea. This fish was so huge that people along with all the fishermen could not take it out so they had to call for some help from the men who were supposed to take care of this sea planet.

The officials from the city development association were called in with their cranes. With the help of these instruments, the giant fish was taken out of the sea. All the people were very amazed to see such a huge sea animal. People were present in large numbers who had come from different areas near the beach.

The news of Giant Whale went viral on the social media and electronic media as well. People from media field and news channels also arrived at the same place to interview the fisherman and the big fish they had just found. The fisherman told the news channel reporter that he had never seen such a huge animal in this sea near the Karachi beach in his whole life.

This news of huge whale was also aired on the international media specially the animal planet. There reporters had also interviewed the fisherman who had just spotted the biggest sea animal in that sea. The dead body of that big fish after taking it out from the sea was taken to the laboratory for different analysis.

Giant Whale Appears at Karachi Beach

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