Fisherman Catches Real Mermaid Close To Hotel Niwa Tokyo

Fisherman Catches Real Mermaid Close To Hotel Niwa Tokyo on the day while he was busy catching the fishes. He could not get a single one but suddenly saw something strange on the edge of the sea bank. The fisherman thought it to be a man who might have drowned in the water and the waves of the water must have thrown it to the edge of the sea. Nobody knew that they could see the mermaid near the resorts, spa, honeymoon destination, beach destination while they had worked near apartments through cheap flights.

The real mermaid was recognized near Hotel Niwa Tokyo by the fisherman when he went near to it and was quite surprised as he had witness something very strange. Due to the appearance it looked like a lady with the wings of the fish but the pictures were taken and shared on social media confirmed. The confirmation came withing the apartments, resorts, honeymoon destination, beach destination, spa and cheap flights were the order of the day when the fisheries department had claimed that it was the same thing.

That Hotel Niwa Tokyo has been offering services to the residents of Japan for many years but never had any idea about the attraction it could get through cheap flights.

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