Fisheries Department Reports Strange Fish Fight

Strange fight in fisheries was seen when two weirdest fishes fought with each other. The video of this fight was aired on the private channel. People had seen many fishes in the water but this time around strange kind of fishes were focused by the researchers of the channel Nat Geo world.

In that fisheries world a macho fish was seen coming out of the mud from the water. The strange fish looked very different to the very common fish which has been seen in the water. That strange thing can breathe from its skin and can store water in its gills. That strange insect can swim in the water and on the dry surface as well.

The camera men of the channel were quite amazed to see that creature as it was climbing trees as well like the animals. That strange creature when came out of the muddy water, it was spitting mud out of its mouth. The video of the small insect could be seen with amazement. This small thing of the water shocked every member of that research party when it fought with other fishes.

In those fisheries, the weirdest fight was seen between two fishes of water when they both went after a female fish. The male creatures of this planet wanted to take the single female for eggs so they had to fight with each other. This fight between the two little animals was the weirdest of fight which was televised on the animal channel.

Weirdest fight in fisheries also happened to have a predator near both of them, so they both had to fight with each other and also save from that predator as well. After fighting with each other for the female fish, one wanted to have rest so he went in the mud hole and took a breath. In the mean time that predator came and ate the other fish.

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