Fish Fight Stuns the Fisheries Department

In World of fisheries, people saw a shocking fight between the two weirdest fishes which came out from the muddy water. It was the strangest fight every aired on the animal channel. The video of that fight between the two small fishes went viral on the social media and on the electronic media as well.

The two fishes of fisheries fought hard with each other, the most amazing point of the fight was that they both were fighting with each other for the female fish. The both male insects of the water wanted that female one for the eggs so they both had to go for each other to win the female fish. The video was captured by the researchers using the different angles.

The strange creatures of this fight were not seen before this fight. The small but macho looking fish came out of the mud. The specialty of this insect was that it can breathe its skin and it can also store water in its gills. When it came out of the mud it spitted out the mud from its mouth and had the ability to climb the tree as well.

Usually these fishes in fisheries are quite rare to be found. So the camera men of that channel had the chance to make a close documentary on this fight. The purpose of the fight was to have a female fish for eggs. The two small weirdest fishes wanted that female for the eggs so the both decided to fight with each other.

Fisheries became battlefield when both the small insects came in front of each other. The both started to bite with their mouth. After fighting in the mud for the shorter time in the water and mud, they both felt tired so one of them went back to take rest in the mud hole. This step worked well for the macho fish as a predator was also nearby. That predator came and darted at the other fish which was on the surface.

Weirdest Fishes Fight Ever Seen by Fisheries Department

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