Film Actress Gets Slapped on Stage in Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

Film Actress Gets Slapped on Stage in Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel by one of the man who was watching her dance performance. Gohar Khan has been acting in the Bollywood movies for quite some time and has emerged as one of the talented lady of the industry. She was giving dance performance on the stage near the apartments, resorts and spa and everybody liked her performance except a man who did not like her dress that was indecent. She also had been to honeymoon destination, beach destination due to the cheap flights.

Young film actress was in Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel wearing immoral dress that was worn in the Bollywood industry man times but nobody reacted in any way to the dress. The incident took place in the TV show that was supposed to promote the upcoming Bollywood movie of the lady Gohar Khan. Her dance performance was also liked by the director and the other co stars of the Bollywood movies. Nobody thought that the lady had gone to different apartments, spa, honeymoon destination, beach destination, resorts while having flown with cheap flights

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According to the sources a man was sitting in the hall who got annoyed by the immoral dress of the lady then he came up to the stage and slapped Gohar Khan who did not expect anything like that. It was quite embarrassing moment for her and all the people present there saved the lady of the Bollywood industry.

Film actress started to shout in Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel at that man who did that pathetic act by slapping her on the face. She could not believe and the tears started to come down from her eyes. All the media people who were there belonged to the Bollywood industry felt really bad for Gohar Khan. The guy who did that cheap thing was not happy with the dressing of her.

The video of film actress in Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel reacting to the slap was captured by one of the man who was also present there. The initial moments when she was slapped by the man could not be recorded. The video showed that the pretty lady from the Bollywood industry wore what was designed by her director of the show and she publicly never wore such dresses. Cheap flights were offered to customers living in resorts, apartments, honeymoon destination, spa, beach destination.

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