Film Actress Gets Ashamed For Dress

Film actress got ashamed for the dress she wore for her dance performance on the eve of the promotion of her new upcoming movie of the Bollywood industry. She was totally embarrassed when a man who entered there as a viewer came up on the stage and slapped the lady for wearing such bad dress.

Film actress could not understand what was happening to her. She started to shout back at that man asking him to mind his own business. The video of the upcoming Bollywood lady went like a fire in the jungle and all the people using social media were able to view the video just after the incident took place.

This was the most shocking incident that ever took place in the Bollywood industry. The female lady was Gohar Khan who has been doing some fantastic work in the Bollywood industry. During the show that man kept quite on the performance on other ladies but when Gohar Khan started to give dance performance he did not like the dress of the lady.

Gorgeous film actress was quite shocked and embarrassed at the same time and could not know how to react to the situation. Similar sorts of videos have been shared on the social media but Gohar Khan recent surprising incident attracted lots of people including the ones from the Bollywood industry. They all said condemned the incident.

Beautiful film actress of the Bollywood industry had emerged as one of the best dancer in the industry and her upcoming new movie was also being liked by lots of viewers. Gohar Khan complained to the security staff about that incident of slapping her. The video also showed that all the ladies on the stage started to protect her so that she could feel secure.

Film Actress Gets Slapped on Stage

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