Film Actress Answers Shockingly on Vulgarity

Pakistani Film Actress Sohai Ali Abro has shocked the public and the viewers by her answer on vulgarity that was being shown by her in the movie. She acted in the movie and the dress she had worn in that movie was quite vulgar and viewers had criticized her badly over her vulgar dress in the movie. She did not care about the views of the viewers in the morning show.

New Film actress was invited in the morning show by the female host who has also been quite bold in her programs and was also banned from the TV shows she had hosted in the past. The female host of the morning show asked Sohai Ali Abro about the criticism that was being made on her dress and bold scenes in the movie but she stunned viewers by her answer.

Sohai Ali Abro did not feel ashamed of her immoral dress in the movie and said that how long people could criticize her as sooner or later they might forget very soon. Viewers who were watching the morning show were really shocked to hear her answer and said that she should not have said that.

Film actress was also asked about the bold scenes in the song of the previous movie whether her family members criticized her about those scenes but she said that she really enjoyed the scene and never felt ashamed. This was the most shocking reply by any female guest who belonged to showbiz industry.

The new film actress had acted in many drama serials but since she was introduced in the movie she had not been seen in any drama at all. The female host of the program asked her many questions relating to her career and she replied very calmly.

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