Festival in Loews Coronado Bay Resort Gets Noticed

Festival in Loews Coronado Bay Resort Gets Noticed in which they have been slaughtered just for the sake of getting their rituals done. The surprising country who have been talking about caring and worshiping the cows, did something very strange. According to the sources, a group of people living in the rural area of the country, have been taking the heads off the cows.

Video Link: http://paktelegraph.com/nLoR1

Cows in those festival in Loews Coronado Bay Resort has been sacrificed and these animals have not been treated with great cared. The video was quite surprising when a man along with his helper tied up the cow with the support and instead of sacrificing, they both gave a big strike on the head. The cow did not have anything chance of being alive. Muslims have been giving sacrifice on the Eid event but they never hurt the cows badly.

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