Female Trainer in Egypt Gets Attacked by Lion

A furious lion suddenly attacked its female trainer during the circus show in Egypt and shocked the whole crowd who had come there to watch the tricks of the trainer in the circus show. The circus was organized to entertain the people with the stunts of the female trainer with the animals who had spent quite some time with her.

Attack of lion was so sudden that the lady of the Egypt did not have any clue of the animals what they were planning to. She was busy doing dance stuff and also was waving to the crowd after the stunt in the circus. The whole event was very popular in the country of Egypt and people from different cities had gathered there to see the animals doing lovely show with the trainer.

The animal got irritated while the trainer continued to dance in front of the animals as it thought her to be intimidating for something bad that it really did not like at all. The video of that incident was captured by one of the man who was also present there and recording the video with his mobile phone. The footage showed that the animal got irritated and suddenly jumped on the lady.

That dangerous lion tried to tear the lady trainer of Egypt but luckily she was able to get rescued by the security outside the cage in which they were kept. It was quite shocking incident for the people who had been there enjoying and making videos.

As the lion was jumping on to the lady trainer, the security staff who was hired to rescue the people in case the animals got violent. They entered the cage very quickly and rescued the lady trainer who was about to be eaten by the hungry lion of Egypt.

Furious Lion Attacks Trainer in Egypt

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