Female Teacher Teaches Ill mannered Students

A female teacher were taught to the ill mannered students by the female teacher who loved be respected and also give respect to her students. The message was given in a small video documentary that showed how rude the young boys and girls studying in a coeducation system in private schools. The documentary also revealed the fact that ignorance of teachers could spoil the students badly.

Documentary emphasized on human rights of teachers especially female teachers. The purpose of this video also was to show how the young teachers should cooperate with the young boys and girls whose schooling has not been up to the required standard.

A female energetic lady teacher always wanted to teach her knowledge to the new students since she always had great affection with the girls and boys of young ages. She just joined a new private school where coeducation system was in implementation since the start of the school. She expected its students to be well mannered and well spoken as that school has great reputation in the city.

The human rights of that lady teacher were spoiled badly by the students including the boys and girls who seemed to have come from well educated families. The teacher felt as annoying as every student of the class despite of the gender behaved rudely with her and also disrespected her. She was very disappointed with the behavior of the students of the school.

She decided to teach human rights of teacher to those ill mannered students. She knew how to handle such students. She befriended with all of them and started to take part in their pranks. The result of this friendship of the lady teacher and students paid rich dividends as all the students started to respect their teacher and turned out to be the most studios students of that school due to that teacher’s behavior.

Female Teacher

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